Yesterday’s travel industry is playing catch up with today’s travelers.

In a world reawakening to what it means to connect, conscientious travelers have grown weary of seeing the same, old, tired, high-calorie approach to tourism. We are not robots, satisfied by a poolside lounge and a cocktail with an umbrella. We are not impressed by faux facades of luxury and vapid veneers of vanity. We are starving for authentic encounters, meaningful interactions, and inspiring destinations that call us to be our better selves.

We want our travels to play an active role and positively impact the world – and not just leave it flat and dead under our feet.

The world is massive.

Don’t Go travelers pledge to make every trip essential. It starts with us, and the industry needs to catch up.

The world doesn’t need to open back up to meaningless travel.

How will your next trip set a new standard for the way you experience the world? What if you decided your next trip based on why rather than where to go?

Our Traveler’s Persona assessment is based on the pillars of what we call…

Whole Travel:

  • The Destination
  • The Experience
  • The Socio-political Context
  • Your Emotional Response

Think you might be a “Don’t Go” Traveler?

Read and sign our Manifesto!

This is just the beginning

We are collecting thousands of travelers’ personas to refine our model and build a recommendation engine, with the aim of making your next trip unquestionably essential.