About Personas

You are Unique and the World is Massive

At Don’t Go Travel, we want to end meaningless travel. Instead of starting with places and things, let’s start with you. Let’s work together to unlock the magic that happens when the right person has the right experience at just the right time and place. And let’s have that person be you! We have developed the Traveler’s Persona assessment in order to provide better recommendations for your next once-in-a-lifetime experience, or your next long weekend escape.

What is the travel persona assessment?

I have worked with a leading travel psychologist, Dr. Mia Mulrennan, to identify four dimensions that we can use to identify unique Traveler’s Personas. Our straightforward assessment will provide you with a result that explains the type of traveler you are, including dimensions on how you travel as well as why you travel. What inspires you? What makes you feel connected to the world around you? Do you go with the flow and trust your gut, or do you plan ahead and stick to trusted guides?

By participating in our beta assessment, you will provide key early input that will shape our narratives around each personality type. This is just the beginning! After we collect enough data, we will tweak the survey tool based on what we have observed and the initial feedback we collect. Then, we will begin using those results to curate the world’s experiences and serve up incredibly insightful recommendations for your best next experiences.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, and thanks for joining me on this journey.


Graham Marsden,
Founder & CEO
Don’t Go Travel