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First, if you haven’t yet, read and sign our Manifesto.

This company

Don’t Go Travel is a new company founded to end meaningless travel, focusing on building a new framework to ensure that every trip can be the trip of a lifetime.

How? We believe that through a focus on identifying a Traveler’s Persona, we can make sure that they are the right person, in the right place, at the right time. We will cut out the noise of the seemingly limitless choices that a traveler has to sift through in order to simply try to have a meaningful vacation, filtering out irrelevant experiences. The application of ruthless curation to travel planning will lead to more meaningful travel for the consumer, better experiences for the providers, and ultimately preservation and renewal of destinations.

Wait. You’re launching a travel company during a pandemic?

Yes, and we’re excited. No one could have imagined one year ago that the world’s entire travel industry would be abruptly forced to pause. And during that pause, we’re seeing countless destinations and natural ecosystems have a chance to breathe. With more than half of the world’s population living in cities, hundreds of millions, and possibly billions of people are observing clearer skies due to reduced air pollutants. We have been given an incredible chance to reimagine what travel to our location might look like when the world reopens. We don’t want to go back to the way it was. That was clearly unsustainable in far too many cases. This pause presents an incredible opportunity to shift toward sustainability, destination renewal, and increased personalization – ultimately delivering more value to travelers, travel industry professionals, and everyone else involved in that exchange.

Oh, and another thing!

The Facebook world is full of personality quizzes to tell you which comic book character or Care Bear or member of the Royal Family you are. Many of these little frivolous quizzes are just a front for collecting some information about you and then using that to segment and target you for other advertisements, and sometimes worse…for voter manipulation. Cambridge Analytica was revealed to be behind a lot of them during the last US election cycle. This site is NOT about THAT! This is a real, honest effort to change the way that we talk about travel, and it starts with the trust between you and me. Thanks for reading and participating.